Welcome to the VTBC!

Green Mountains, Vermont - ©Brian Mohr/EmberPhotoThanks for visiting the Vermont Backcountry Alliance (VTBC).

Aug 2015 Update:

We’ve updated our web presence, and you can now find us online within the website of our parent organization, Vermont’s Catamount Trail Association (CTA).

If you’re looking to support the VTBC, please Join or Donate to the Catamount Trail Association.

The VTBC is a new program of the CTA. As a membership supported organization, the CTA’s ability to accomplish goals is directly related to the support we receive from the backcountry community. The CTA is your gateway to experiencing Vermont’s incredible backcountry in all its forms, and membership offers many great benefits including free ski tours, discounted alpine and nordic skiing, and discounts on backcountry instruction and gear.

If you’d like to get in touch, please try us via Email, or head on over to the VTBC Facebook and Twitter pages to engage with us online.

==> AND, please visit our most active grassroots partner, and the first (pilot) chapter of the CTA, central Vermont’s Rochester Area Sports Trail Alliance (RASTA). They’ve got a big fundraising effort underway now, too, in support of their new Braintree Mountain Forest backcountry zone. Learn more, and please pitch in and/or share…here.

Thank you for taking an interest in backcountry and human-powered skiing and riding here in Vermont.

Think Snow!


Click here to visit the VTBC Program Pages on the Catamount Trail Association (CTA) website